Sari avaWe’ve already published a lot of materials about Indian traditional clothes, but how can one be bored of this beauty?! The Indian women’s dresses are among the most feminine, elegant, and ornate in the whole world. So let’s enjoy some more photos of these pieces – the most popular and widely used female outfits of India.


1. Sari
. Sari is the most widespread type of Indian attire that one might see. This outfit is also the most widely and commonly used costume for women of all ages.





2. Salwar Kameez. Salwar kameez is another popular attire for women in India. It is one of the most comfortable costumes.

Salwar Kameez3

Salwar Kameez4



3. Sharara. The sharara is a traditional Indian clothing piece that mostly is worn by females on festive occasions.





4. Lehenga. This is one of the favorite wedding outfits worn by Indian women. It is considered to be one of the finest creations of Indian fashion industry.





5. Churidaar. This is another very popular Indian costume for women. Females love to wear churidaar as it allows them to carry beauty with considerable simplicity.





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