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Tajik embroidery avaEmbroidering is one of the favorite and most popular folk crafts in Tajikistan. Locals embellish their national clothing, traditional textile, and decorative carpets found in almost any house with embroidery. For instance, Tajik embroidered wall carpets called “suzane” is an ancient-old tradition in this country. The craftswomen use silk and cotton threads, gold and silver threads, gems, etc. Similar patterns and techniques are also used to decorate folk clothes and accessories. So, here you are some photos of Tajik traditional embroidery designs.


Tajik embroidery1

Tajik embroidery2


Tajik embroidery3

Tajik embroidery4


Tajik embroidery5

Tajik embroidery6


Tajik embroidery7

Tajik embroidery8


Tajik embroidery9

Tajik embroidery10


Tajik embroidery11

Tajik embroidery12


Tajik embroidery13

Tajik embroidery14


Tajik embroidery15

Tajik embroidery16


Tajik embroidery17

Tajik embroidery18

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