Egyptian Couple avaThere are many museums in Egypt that display artifacts connected to Ancient Egypt and its culture. Of course, it doesn’t matter that Egypt is limited to only this period, but the Ancient Egypt heritage is huge. That’s why most of the folk museums listed in this post have a connection to it. But Egyptian clothing traditions are more than just pharaoh outfits, so if you’re going to visit Egypt and want to see the local national clothing, jewelry, and folk crafts, here is a list of Egyptian folk museums for you. Make your vacation more diverse and useful.

Museum of Egyptian Antiquities (or Egyptian Museum, or Cairo Museum). It is located in Cairo, Egypt. It is one of the largest museums in the region. Among the exhibits are ancient Egyptian status dressed in traditional clothes, depictions of Egyptian national dress of different periods (tiles, frescoes, images on vessels, photographs, etc), Egyptian mummies and their sarcophagi, old samples of textile, ancient Egyptian jewelry, ancient traditional clothes, and many more.

Egyptian Textile Museum. It is located in Cairo, Egypt. This museum is interesting because it exhibits everything regarding Egyptian textile – vintage clothing, textile samples, Egyptian embroidery samples, tools used by ancient Egyptians to clean and wash clothes, illustrations of people laundering garments, textile making tools (looms and other instruments), old handicraft tools, etc. There are about 250 textile pieces and 15 carpets from different periods stored in this museum.

National Museum of Egyptian civilization. It is located in Cairo, Egypt. This museum has exhibits from pharaonic era, Greco-Roman times, Coptic and Islamic eras, and up to modern Egypt culture. Among the exhibits are various textile items, jewelry pieces, handicraft tools, pharaoh sarcophagi, and many more.

Royal Jewelry Museum. It is located in Alexandria, Egypt. This museum has over 11,000 artifacts, including intricate royal jewels, gold cosmetics boxes, medals, jewelry pieces that used to belong to Muhammad Ali of Egypt (ruler of Egypt from 1805 to 1848, who is considered the founder of modern Egypt) and his family, a variety of jewels that belonged to Egyptian royals, and many other wonderful and costly exhibits.

Alexandria National Museum. It is located in Alexandria, Egypt. Among the exhibits are various large and small statues of people wearing traditional outfits, variety of Egyptian jewelry pieces, including ancient jewels, archaeological founds, etc.

Coptic Museum. It is located in Cairo, Egypt. It has the largest collection of Coptic Christian artifacts in the world. Among the exhibits are ancient textile pieces, ivory and bone accessories, etc. If you’re looking for Egyptian national dress, this museum shouldn’t be the first on the list for you, but it exhibits a lot of interesting Egyptian artifacts that will help you understand the local clothing tradition better.


Note! If you’re a museum that exhibits traditional costumes, folk clothing crafts, or historical clothes, jewelry, and accessories, and you’re not on the list, please write us in the comment section or via the contact page. We will gladly add your museum here with short info about it.

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