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Tunisian costume avaFolk motifs in clothes is a fashionable trend in modern Tunisia. Both men and women wear outfits decorated with the traditional embroidery. But female dresses complemented with Tunisian traditional jewels are an extraordinary sight to behold. On the photos below, you can see modern and vintage Tunisian costumes, compare them, and admire the skills of local craftswomen.


The photos were provided by the organization “ALLA Business Prestige” and its owner Mr. Khaled Dridi


Vintage female outfits of Tunisia

Tunisian costume2

Tunisian costume7

Tunisian costume8

Tunisian costume9

Tunisian woman2



Modern female clothing of Tunisia

Tunisian costume3

Tunisian costume4

Tunisian costume5

Tunisian costume6

Modern Tunisian costume

Tunisian sophistication1



Combination of vintage and modern female outfits of Tunisia

Tunisian costume1

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