Hmong headdress avaToday, we’ll show you how to wear one of the traditional headdresses of the White Hmong people. This headwrap is rather simple but very elegant and cute. It accentuates the exotic features of these women. This variation of a turban, used by the Hmong, is embellished with beautiful traditional embroidery that adds a hint of authenticity to it.


The Hmong people is an indigenous Asian ethnic group. By their origin, they’re Chinese. The majority of the Hmong live in several Asian countries, like China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, and also in other corners of the world. These people have kept their old and unique clothing traditions and continue to pass them down through generations.

This is a traditional headwrap worn by the White Hmong people. They do it a little different so that the headwrap is twisted in the front.


Hmong headdress1


First, take your hair and put it into a bun, centered at the top of your head. The hair bun will act as a support for the headwrap.


Hmong headdress2


The headwrap is made up of black fabric with embroidery designs at each end. It usually is 2 yards (1.8 m) long and about 10 inches (25 cm) in width. One end will have a larger design than the other.

The one you can see on the photos has been folded and sewn in to keep it from falling apart, making it easier to put on.


Hmong headdress3

Hmong headdress4


Wrap the fabric around your head. Now, twist the headdress twice in the front and then tuck it in. The twist with smaller design should be centered with your forehead.


Hmong headdress5


If it is not, slightly turn the wrap to center it. You should not have to turn it too much. If you do, then the headwrap is too long for you and you should find a shorter wrap.

If it does not wrap around your head with a small design on your forehead, then the piece is too short.

In the end, it should look like this. This is the traditional look of the White Hmong people with a twisted headwrap.


Hmong headdress6

Hmong headdress7




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