Qixiong Ruqun avaQixiong Ruqun is a nice Chinese garment with a surprising background. There is a special reason why its waistband is above the breasts. And you’ll be surprised by this reason. Intrigued? Then read on. We’ll also show you how to put this delicate garment on considering all of the rules and peculiarities.

Qixiong Ruqun is a nice Chinese garment with a surprising background. This outfit was popular in China during the Tang dynasty reign. At the time, it was considered fashionable and beautiful to look fat. That’s why the waistband of Qixiong Ruqun is situated above the breasts. This costume makes a woman – and it was worn by females only – look bigger and curvier than they really are.

And now, let’s find out how to put on this attire.

First, let me show you how to wear a blouse. This blouse is the top part of the Qixiong Ruqun. It is a placket blouse. Step one: put the blouse on. Put your hands through the sleeves. The middle seam of the sleeve should be perpendicular to the ground. The same to the left side. Then, we put the collar and the front of the blouse in order. And tie the lacing together – tie two lacings into an overhand knot. Now, it is done.


Qixiong Ruqun1


Next, I will show you how to wear the long skirt. This skirt is a two-piece style Qixiong skirt. It includes two pieces: the front and the back one. First, put the skirt on just like wearing an ordinary skirt. Now, the skirt is ready on our body. Let me tie the back piece of skirt onto the breast.


Qixiong Ruqun3


But how can we distinguish the front piece and the back? It is easy to recognize that the lacing of the front piece is longer. The lacing of the back piece is much shorter.


Qixiong Ruqun2

Qixiong Ruqun4


Now, we’re tying the back piece of skirt onto the breast – just put the two lacings across and tie them into an overhand knot. Then, put the front piece of the skirt on the breast and cover the knot. Put the lacing of the front piece backward. Let them cross on the back and then around to the front again. At last, tie a knot onto the front of the breast. Also, we twist the lacings several times to make it more stable. Leave the two lacings to the front of your body. The skirt is ready.


Qixiong Ruqun5


When we are watching TV dramas, we could notice that on the elbow of the heroine, there is something that looks like a ribbon. This ribbon is called “Pi Bo”. It is actually, the accessory of the clothes. We gently put the ribbon on our elbows, hanging it over the elbows like this. With the decoration of the Pi Bo the whole outfit looks even more adorable, isn’t it?


Qixiong Ruqun6

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