Emirati avaThe jalabiya is definitely one of the most beautiful and impressive Emirati pieces of clothing, if not the prettiest garment ever. These female robes are traditional and, at the same time, look contemporary. Thanks to these garments, the women in the UAE are able to wear something bright and ornate, because, as you know, their daily apparel usually includes the abaya, a thin black robe, which is very modest and has a few embellishments. But the festive jalabiya totally compensates for that.

The jalabiya is a long and light robe, beautifully adorned with embroidery, crystals, sequins, patterns on the fabric, etc., worn by the Emirati women. They choose this traditional dress when they’re going to a festive occasion of some kind. For instance, for weddings, ceremonies, different festivities, during the Ramadan, and even to the market.

Why do Emirati women like the jalabiya? Because this garment is very comfy to wear – it is a long flowing robe, thin and light, but it modestly covers the female body. Also, it is bright and richly decorated, which allows the woman to feel beautiful and festive, unlike when she’s wearing a simple black abaya.

The jalabiya looks gorgeous – it is multicolored, embellished with lots of expensive decorations, like gold embroidery. The artisans use real gold and silver threads to embroider the jalabiyas, so this robe can be so costly! Often, the locals can tell the status and wealth of the family by the jalabiya worn by a woman. Of course, there are cheaper jalabiyas as well – a large assortment of these colorful robes to suit any taste and purpose.

In the UAE, a lot of people honor and keep old clothing traditions. They still use national clothes in daily life and during various special occasions. The jalabiya is one of those articles of clothing popular among Emirati women. They are, at the same time, traditional garments with modern features, so they are kind of transitional costumes. Maybe that’s why they are so widespread.

Here are several jalabiyas from the UAE. Look for yourself how pretty and bright they are! The decorations are really diverse, while the cut and style are rather similar.









Also, here’s a little girl’s jalabiya




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