Korean hanbok avaKorean traditional costume called “hanbok” is pretty simple to put on. But some people face difficulties regarding the bow in the front of the garment. And sure, native Koreans know some tips that help them look perfect in hanbok. We would really like to share this knowledge with you. Also, you’ll see what to wear with hanbok in winter to feel warm and cozy.


I'm going to teach you how to wear the hanbok. First, we have to put on an undergarment dress. Its clasp is in the front, so I'm just going to clasp it closed easily.

Korean hanbok1


Right now, I'm wearing my jeans, so you can wear pretty much anything underneath because it’s not going to show. When the weather is cold, you can wear your jeans or leggings and feel comfortable.

This is the dress you're going to wear on top. Make sure that the fabric is in the front and the white part is inside. This part is the front side.

Korean hanbok2


At the back, you need to make a crisscross with a help of the ribbon (this is where you might need help from your mother).

Korean hanbok3


Tighten it and tie a ribbon in the front. You don’t have to kill yourself and suffocate – it just has to be tight enough. Now, you kind of pull it down a little and adjust the garment.

Korean hanbok4


The next is the top – very pretty; it’s where all the patterns of the costume are showed. Be a little bit fragile and gentle with it because the cloth is not very stretchy. There's usually a clasp on the right flap or a little button.

Korean hanbok5

Korean hanbok6


And here comes a part where people have a lot of trouble. There is a short ribbon (the right one) and a long ribbon (the left one). You need to put the short one on top of the long one, make an “X”, and tie a knot. Then, you just leave the short one on your shoulder, out of the way. You make about a 2-inch loop here, bring the short one (which was waiting on your shoulder) over and under, and then grab it on the other side. After that, you just pull the short ribbon to tighten the bow. So, what happens is two different lengths become one.

Korean hanbok7

Korean hanbok8

Korean hanbok9


I would give you one more tip. The top is kind of crunches on the sides, and it doesn’t look pretty. To fix it, make a triangle by tucking the fabric – it’ll make the whole garment look more fit to your body.

Korean hanbok10


I'm going to wear a vest because it's winter right now. It is just an extra garment that you can wear. And it looks beautiful, adorned with the white fur and embroidery. You can clasp it and tie the bow of the same shape as on the hanbok top.

Korean hanbok12


Voila, there you have it.

Korean hanbok11

Korean hanbok15


And the embroidery patterns on the top and vest are awesome!

Korean hanbok13

Korean hanbok14

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