make Santa Suit
If you don’t have a Santa Suit at home, you know, one of those that you can put on and then you're walking around pretending you're Santa. We’re gonna show you how to make a funny one here.

At first, we should glue together two big boxes.

You see here one and two. There is a hole in one end. I've cut a hole all the way through at the bottom, and then there is a small hole at the other end for the head.

make Santa Suit7 3
Check, it must fit your head perfectly. So, this is the starting point.

Then we'll add all the arms.

Stick it on here like this, putting on a bit of a tape while the glue is drying.   

make Santa Suit7 1

I'll put the belt in the middle, between the two boxes, so we cover up the crack and then fold it around the boxes.

make Santa Suit6

Our next move is to add the beard. We draw it around the body.

Then, we cut out the mouth, a nice one, and the nose.

make Santa Suit7

And then, we make some hands. That's a one hand with the thumb and the other hand with the thumb, so I'm going to glue them all. Sticking it on under the arm and then the thumb. Now we've got a hand!

make Santa Suit7 2

Now we're ready to paint. Starting with the beard ice white, next color is Santa red. Belt is black now. Here is the belt buckle from cardboard. And we've cut three circles out of cardboard and painted them black - those will be the buttons.

make Santa Suit6 3

make Santa Suit6 2

make Santa Suit6 1

make Santa Suit3

make Santa Suit5

make Santa Suit5 1

Santa's next piece is the teeth. Because if you look inside the hole of the mouth, he looks toothless.

So I can use this as a handle and then, when I stick these teeth, you see this is the way to make Santa appear as if he's talking or smiling. 

The teeth will glide up and down.

make Santa Suit4

make Santa Suit3 1

Now, I'm gonna put on the fairy stuff around the neck hole. I've found this fairy bits that I cut out of an old Santa hat. Then, I'm putting glue all around the hole and the reason for doing this is so that the edges here are not so sharp against my head. So that I don't cut myself. 

make Santa Suit1 1

make Santa Suit1

make Santa Suit2

Well, here we go, Merry Christmas.

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