A ZTraditional male and female garments in Peru: ajotas, chullo, chumpi, hojotas, jobona, k'eperina, lliklla, melkkhay, montera, pollera, poncho, sombrero, and unkuna. Peruvian traditional outfits are always colorful and vivid, richly decorated with hand-woven designs and embroidery. The Peruvian art of weaving is among the world’s most cheerful and multicolored.


Ajotas (ojotas) – Peruvian shoes made from recycled truck tires. Very cheap and easy to make at home.

Chullo (chullu) – traditional hat with earflaps typical for the Andean Mountains. They are usually made from alpaca, llama, vicuna, or sheep wool. The earflaps that are tied under the chin are perfect for keeping the ears and cheeks warm. Chullo hats are usually bright and colorful, embellished with hand-woven patterns, tassels, and pom-pons. Read more here

Chumpi – handwoven belt decorated with various woven patterns.

Hojotas – sandals made from recycled truck tires.

Jobona – Quechua traditional women’s woolen jacket adorned with colorful buttons and worn under the lliklla.

K'eperina (quepina, q'ipina, queperina, aguayo, awayu) – rectangular carrying cloth from Peru, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, and Ecuador. This item is similar to lliklla but larger and knotted at the front. Women often carry babies and various good in it.

Lliklla (liclla, llicla, lliclla) – rectangular, handwoven shoulder cloth used by Peruvian (and also Bolivian) women for warmth.

Melkkhay – traditional Peruvian wide skirt made from hand-woven wool. It usually black and adorned with a colorful border called “puyto”. The same as pollera.

Montera – Peruvian traditional female hat. Some designs of a montera date back to the 15th century and the Incan heritage. The round shape of the hat represents the sun, which Incas worshiped. A montera can be decorated with embroidery, ribbons, flowers, and even fruits. Read more here

Pollera – traditional Peruvian wide skirt made from hand-woven wool. It usually black and adorned with a colorful border called “puyto”. This skirt is also called “melkkhay”. Read more here

Poncho – South American outerwear, rectangular piece of fabric with an opening for the head at the center. It’s a unisex garment. Some ponchos may have a hood, others don’t. A poncho is a traditional piece of clothes in Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Bolivia.

Sombrero – wide-brimmed men's hat. It is the traditional Mexican hat, but Peruvians also use it.

Unkuna (wachala, unkuña) – Peruvian handmade inner cloth often used to carry goods, food, and snacks. It’s smaller than a lliklla or k'eperina.

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