samakaka avaCheerful African prints used in traditional clothes are magnificent. For example, in Angola, there is a tribal fabric called “samakaka” that simply can’t be confused with any other traditional cloth. It has such a catchy and unique print that you’ll make it out even among other African folk prints. And by the way, the samakaka fabric is very popular all around the world, far from Angola’s borders, on different continents these days. Many contemporary garments, especially created by African designers, are made from samakaka cloth.

A samakaka or samacaca is a unique African print originating from Angola. The fabric with this print is also called “samakaka”. Originally, fine cotton cloth was wax block printed with typical Angolan patterns to create this fabric.

The print mostly consists of geometric patterns. Several ancient tribal motifs can be seen on samakaka cloth. They might seem simple but they’re old and meaningful. Even the color palette matters.

The most typical color combinations are:

  • black&white;
  • red, yellow, white, and black (this mix of colors is the most common);
  • blue, yellow, white, and black;
  • brown, yellow, white, and black;
  • pink, white, yellow, and blue;
  • blue, red, green, white, and black.

The folk costumes with samakaka print are often used by kizomba and semba dancers. These dances were born from African folk dances influenced by colonial European motifs.

The samakaka fabric is rather popular today among the people of African origin – and not only them but also those who love cheerful and vivid patterns – all around the planet. Various contemporary garments – dresses, shirts, tops, skirts, T-shirts, head ties, bags, etc – are created using this lovely African-style cloth.


Angolan traditional samakaka cloth

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