Ottoman royalty avaThe Ottoman Empire (the 14th – early 20th century) was a very large, very powerful, and very wealthy state. The clothing of its rulers and their concubines was the most fashionable and high-quality – the most expensive fabrics only, gold embroidery, plenty of gold and silver jewelry, etc. But the cut and design of these garments, of course, were rather modest and restrained because it was a Muslim country. Here you can see several beautiful vintage clothing articles from museum collections that represent the Ottoman Empire.


Ottoman royalty1

Ottoman royalty2

Ottoman royalty3

Ottoman royalty5

Ottoman royalty10

Ottoman royalty4

Ottoman royalty6

Ottoman royalty11

Ottoman royalty7

Ottoman royalty8

Ottoman royalty9

Ottoman royalty12

Ottoman royalty13

Ottoman royalty14

Ottoman royalty15

Ottoman royalty16

Ottoman royalty17

Ottoman royalty18

Ottoman royalty19

Ottoman royalty20

Ottoman royalty21

Ottoman royalty22



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