A ZTraditional pieces of the male and female national costumes in Turkey: aigrette, anteri, bademler, başmak, bindalli, binish, çarik, çedik, cepken, çizme, cübbe, don, entari, ferace, fez, gomlek, hirka, iki etek entari, jubba, kaftan, kalpak, kemer, keşan, kushak, kütahya, mest, mintan, peştemal, potur, qamis, salta, sarik, shalvar, tek etek entari, turban, üç etek entari, yasmak, yelek, and zibin.


Aigrette – head-plumes that decorated turbans and other headdresses of Turkish noble people.

Anteri (anteree, anterija) – short variant of a yelek; vest used by males and females.

Bademler – bridal headdress of Turkish women.

Başmak (basmak) – Turkish footwear; high boots used by both men and women.

Bindalli – ornate women’s dresses for weddings and special occasions. They are made of velvet and decorated with embroidery.

Binish – coat with wide sleeves and front opening that was worn over the kaftan.

Çarik – Turkish footwear; Anatolian moccasins used in the rural areas.

Çedik – traditional woven socks.

Cepken (cebken) – short (waist-length) jacket used by men and women.

Çizme – Turkish footwear; boots.

Cübbe – male middle-length or long robe. It was historically used by middle-class men.

Don – authentic underpants.

Entari – long robe similar to kaftan. It was used by men and women. This garment is one of the main parts of a Turkish attire and is among the oldest outfits of this region.

Ferace – long and baggy outer garment that covers the entire body. There are male feraces and female ones – they differ in design and usage.

Fez – conical skull-cap with a tassel. Its color is traditionally red. It is used by men and women.

Gomlek (gömlek) – unisex shirt, often made from silk. This term is used for a shirt as one of the main garments and for the undershirt as an undergarment.

Hirka – male undercoat; short robe or tunic. It was historically used by middle-class men.

Iki etek entari – female garment; dual-skirt or two-tier entari.

Jubba – male long loose robe.

Kaftan (Caftan) – unisex outerwear; long coat with short or long sleeves. It usually reached the ankles and was buttoned down the front. Often, kaftan was belted with a sash.

Kalpak (calpack, calpac, kalpac, or qalpaq) – male high-crowned hat, often made from sheepskin or felt.

Kemer – women’s ornate belt. It is made of metal or fabric with beading and has beautiful large metal buckles.

Keşan – women’s shawl that covers the head, torso, and face. This garments is traditional for the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Kushak (kuşak) – Turkish traditional fabric belt. It was used by both men and women.

Kütahya – bridal headdress of Turkish females.

Mest – Turkish shoes for men and women.

Mintan – traditional vest or short jacket.

Peştemal – female piece of clothing. It is a piece of linen, usually striped, wrapped around the waist. This garments is traditional for the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Potur – male short and wide pants.

Qamis (kameez, qameez) – female long shirt, often worn with baggy trousers.

Salta – female jacket worn over the entari. It is collarless, thigh-length, and embellished.

Sarik – male headgear, the same as turban; long scarf wound over the head or an inner hat (e.g. fez).

Shalvar (şalvar) – traditional baggy trousers used by both men and women. Also called “saroual”.

Tek etek entari – female garment; single-skirt entari.

Turban – male headgear; long scarf wound over the head or an inner hat (e.g. fez)

Üç etek entari – female garment; triple-skirt entari.

Yasmak (yashmak) – veil used by Turkish Muslim women to cover their faces.

Yelek – Ottoman male and female vest with short or long sleeves, or sleeveless. Sometimes it has a small stand-up collar. Yelek is often decorated with embroidery.

Zibin – hip-length jacket for men and women worn under the kaftan.

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