Sunnmorsbunad avaNorwegian traditional costume – bunad – looks very elegant and sophisticated. It is rather simple in wearing but still, there are few tricks that you should know about. Today, we’ll show you how to put on a women’s bunad from Sunnmore region, the southernmost district of the western Norway.

Put on your underwear, T-shirt or tank top, petticoat, and stockings. Wear red stockings if you’re single. If you’re in a relationship, use black stockings.

Put on your shirt.


Wearing bunad1


Put on your cufflinks. The decorative part should be on the outside of your sleeve.


Wearing bunad2


Attach the hooks that are inside your vest.

Button up the buttons on the inside of your vest.


Wearing bunad3


Button up the buttons on the skirt. They are marked with red in the following pictures.


Wearing bunad4


Button up the buttons on the apron BEFORE you do the hooks. The buttons are marked with red circles in the pictures.


Wearing bunad5

Wearing bunad6


Put on your apron backward and attach the hooks. Then, twist the apron around.

If you want to wear nail polish, do this the day before. I recommend black, dark blue, or red depending on your bunad.

Put on your make-up. Natural make-up is the best since the focus should be on your bunad.

Tie up your hair. Ponytail, braids, or knot are the best hairdos for bunad. It should be simple but elegant.

Put on your brooches (soljene). They should be arranged like in the following photograph.


Wearing bunad7


Put on your shoes and your pocket.

You are ready.


Male and female Sunnmorsbunad. Photo from


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