Korean dress avaLearn how to wear the Korean female winter clothing step by step. The outfit includes underwear, the main garment, outerwear, and accessories. You’ll find here all the tricks you need to know. How to look striking in Korean folk dress? Easy, just follow the instructions below.

Wear the underskirt on top of the underpants. Take off the underwear on top to press the breasts for a stylish look of the Korean costume.

Make sure the seam allowances on the feet turn straightened outward for socks (Beo-seon).

Korean dress1

Make sure that the skirt has a split at the back. Pull out the skirt string on the left between the shoulder strap on the right and straighten up the hem of the skirt to the left. Pull the skirt string forward and make sure that the jacket is firmly attached by tying the string aside the center of the chest. Lower the skirt so that the skirt does not swirl backward.

Korean dress2

Wear the jacket by straightening it up to the left. Place the short fastening ribbon on the right on the long fastening ribbon on the left and tie it once. Fold the bottom fastening ribbon to the left to tie the bow wrap it with the short fastening ribbon on top and pull out the end of the fastening ribbon in between. Pull the fastening ribbon to be fixed and make a neat shape. Wear the jacket by lowering forward and diagonally fold in the leftover on the chest from the side neck to armpits.

Korean dress3

Wear the coat on top of the jacket for the skirt.

Korean dress4

Complete the neat look by wearing a winter cap and the traditional shoes.

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