Kimono2 avaThe furisode kimono is an extraordinary Japanese garment with an entertaining history. The beauty of some examples is indubitable, just like the intricacy of patterns on its fabric. Very often, the body and sleeves of this outfit are embellished with flowers depicted in bright colors, because it is an extremely festive kimono. If you want to know whether this garment is used just by women or by men as well, feel free to read on.


These furisode kimonos were displayed at Ukrainian-Japanese Center in Kyiv

The furisode kimonos are the most formal attire for unmarried Japanese women. It is often used for weddings, ceremonial occasions, important celebrations, and other events. This outfit is meant to show everybody that the woman is single, adult, and available for marriage. In a way, the furisode kimono is similar to European debutante gown.



Unusually dyed furisode kimono. This particular garment is dyed using the shibori tie-dye technique (Japanese traditional resist-dyeing technique)


This style of kimono is characterized by long sleeves (85-114 cm / 33-45 inches long). The inner edge of the sleeve is often open all the way down.

The material of the furisode kimono is traditionally silk. The fabric is painted with various beautiful patterns or even whole paintings with deep symbolic meaning.



Ornate red furisode kimono. It is traditionally used for such occasions as wedding, celebration of adulthood, graduation ceremony, etc. This particular kimono has depictions connected with all four seasons, so it can be worn during the whole year


This particular type of kimono dates back to the mid-16th century. At the time, it was used by both young men and women of the middle and upper class in Japan. Adults didn’t wear this outfit. Also, the furisode was day-to-day wear with shorter sleeves, but later, it turned into a festive kimono.

In the 17th century, this attire was still used by both sexes. Boys wore it till 18 years old or till their coming-of-age ceremony, while girls did it until 20 years old or marriage.

In the 20th century, this style of kimono became strictly women’s clothing.



Black furisode kimono with floral pattern. This particular kimono is made for the celebration of adulthood


The furisode kimono is used even in modern times for some special occasions. Though, it is not an obligatory piece anymore.

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