japanese yukata avaJapanese traditional outfits are very noble-looking and beautiful, but they often are extremely complicated in wearing. We’ll help you to learn how to wear the yukata – a kind of women’s kimono used in summer.

Hello everyone, my name is Ayumi Hoshino. I will show you how to wear yukata.

Step 1. Adjust the yukata to your height.

First, we’ll adjust the back of the yukata. Hold the two sides of the collar. Then bring the ends together. Pull the collar and straighten the back of the yukata. After that pull the hem to your ankles. Next, let’s adjust the front width. Push all of this inside while pulling it at the same time. Adjust the front width like this and hold here with one hand. Put the middle of the strip to your waist and cross it at the back. Tie it in a ribbon at the front and tuck it underneath. Next, let’s fix the loose part of the yukata. Put your left hand through the hole and pull it three times. Then fix the back the same way. Tie one more belt around the yukata. This one shouldn’t be too tight. Pull it down at the back to create a space big enough for your first behind your neck.

japanese yukata2


Step 2. Tie the obi.

You will need two long strips and a pad to keep the obi belt (traditional Japanese belt for kimono) in shape.

japanese yukata1

First, fold one end in half. Then put it over your left shoulder, so that it hangs at your waist. Fold it and make a triangle. Wrap the obi around you twice. Hold this part and fold it diagonally. Take the part from your shoulder and use it to tie around the obi. Take about the width of your waist of the obi and roll up the end. Next push down the middle and pull the sides up to make a bow. Tie the bow up with the end and pull it through hard. Roll up the same end and push it underneath. Slide the obi to the back. Lastly, use a pad to keep the obi from getting wrinkled. Insert it between the two layers. You can also use stiff paper if you don’t have an obi pad. Fix the folded part.

japanese yukata3

japanese yukata4


This is how you put on a yukata yourself. So now you can get a yukata and try wearing it too.

japanese yukata5

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