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Dickens clothing avaCharles Dickens is a famous English writer, he is regarded by many as the greatest novelist of the Victorian era. Most well-educated people have read his novels, but have you ever wondered how his characters looked like? What did they wear? How did they tend to their bodies and clothing? Let’s have a look at the day-to-day attire of a maidservant from 1853 and find out her usual dressing routine.


A washable cotton chemise was worn next to the skin. It had short sleeves and helped protect the outer garments from perspiration.


Dickens clothing1


Warm wool stockings were vital in winter. Garter ribbons held them in place beneath the knee, and the stockings were often folded down to make them extra secure when active or working.


Dickens clothing2

Dickens clothing3


Open-leg drawers consisted of two separate legs attached to a waistband. In order to use the lavatory, petticoats would be gathered up and the drawers drawn out of the way.


Dickens clothing4


Sturdy, flat-heeled, leather ankle boots were perfect for hard-working women.


Dickens clothing5


The front-fastening busk was invented in 1848 and proved so successful that, after 1850, virtually all corsets were made with it. A servant or lady could now dress unaided.


Dickens clothing6


The metal eyelets, through which the lacing at the back was threaded, allowed the wearer to pull the lacing tight, creating the perfect fit.


Dickens clothing7


Many petticoats were worn to create a fashionable silhouette. Sometimes up to 6 – far too many for a maid to afford, but 2 petticoats with tucks at the hem created a pretty form and enough layers for colder weather.


Dickens clothing8


Petticoats could be made from cotton, linen, or wool and would be encouraged to sit just below the waist.


Dickens clothing9


A simple front-fastening gown of subdued color and cotton or wool fabric was practical and tidy attire for a maid. The bodice – and often sleeves too – were lined with cotton.


Dickens clothing10

Dickens clothing11


To keep the waist small and trim, the bulk of fabric from the skirts was pleated or cartridge pleated and then sewn unto the completed bodice. Tucks at the hem preserved fabric within the garment for later alterations in length and style.

A pocket is concealed within the folds of the skirt.

A white cotton apron and cap were worn for cooking, and a more serviceable apron worn for messier work.


Dickens clothing12

Dickens clothing13

Dickens clothing14


All varieties of hand-knitted gloves and mitts were worn, but fingerless ones were practical for working women.


Dickens clothing15


A stout woolen shawl was as much protection as a maidservant could afford.


Dickens clothing16


And a simple bonnet, which had to serve her all seasons, would cover her hair.


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