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Regency lady avaRegency era in Britain lasted from 1795 to 1837 (though, there are some differences as to which years to consider Regency). The female fashion of this period was rather classical – corsets, high-waisted silhouette, emphasized breasts, and long flowing skirts, of course. The Regency ladies looked natural, elegant, and even sexy in a way (even with all those layers of clothing). But let’s have a more detailed look.

Regency styles look simple enough – but what really goes into achieving the look? Let us have a look what is underneath this 1815 walking outfit.

As always, a linen chemise and stockings first. You may use garters – these stockings stay up just by folding down though.


Regency lady2


Next, leather walking boots.

And the basics layer is ready.


Regency lady3


Next layer – stays/corset. In this case, a long-line one, with split sides for riding. A made/friend can help with the process. The corset fits snugly and its main function was to support the high placement of the breasts.


Regency lady4


Close-up with the hip laced. This style was used from about 1810 to 1840s.


Regency lady5


Short stays can be used as well.


Regency lady6


Or an early form of Brasierre – surprisingly comfortable and supportive.


Regency lady7


Petticoat next.


Regency lady8


Gown next. Light and sometimes almost see-through, it relied on the undergarments for modesty. Gowns closing at the back needed help – but many closed in front, too.


Regency lady9


If a woman fancied a walk and it was chilly outside, the fashionable cotton Redingote goes on. It fastens with hooks and eyes at the bodice, and a belt, but the pom-poms can serve as a fastening, too.


Regency lady10


Bonnet next. Gloves. A shawl and a parasol – and the woman is ready for a walk.


Regency lady11

Regency lady1


Evening dresses will require the same amount of layers, and a cloak in colder weather for the transport.


Regency lady12


Riding habits – a chemisette is worn over a petticoat and wool skirt. And then, a jacket is added on top. Military braiding was very much in fashion.


Regency lady13

Regency lady14



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