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Edwardian lady avaThe Edwardian era clothing is comparatively simple by design and elegant. No bustles or crinolines, no super-wide skirts, and no extremely puffy sleeves. Instead, the women’s Edwardian gown is characterized by flowing fabrics, plenty of lace, light colors of the garments, and large hats decorated with flowers. So, the visiting gown from 1903 – let us see what lies underneath all that silk and lace.


As always, a cotton chemise is first, closely followed by stockings. The stockings can be held up by garters or by suspenders – corsets with suspenders were just coming into fashion (from about 1902).

Edwardian lady1


Frilly open drawers next. The chemise can be either in or outside the drawers.

Edwardian lady2


Shoes before the corset!

Edwardian lady3


And a corset – longer line than Victorian, accentuating waist and hips. No suspenders on this one yet. The S-line, the straight front silhouette was very fashionable – popularized the Gibson Girl style.

Edwardian lady4


And here is an example of a 1903 corset with suspenders. Front and back view.

Edwardian lady5


Bustle cages are long out of fashion, but a small pad will round the posterior nicely.

Petticoats next. Here, the two petticoats are worn – a silk one and a lace one – A-line, to give some volume to the skirt. The latter one is an antique petticoat with a lot of lace.

Edwardian lady6


A corset cover next – it protects the top garments from the friction against corset and helps to conceal the corset top edge from showing through.

Edwardian lady7


And the last layer. A very voluminous skirt in silk satin, trimmed with a lace flounce. A bodice in silk, decorated with 4 different kinds of applied lace. A maid would be handy here.

Edwardian lady8


A pretty decorative belt in silk.

Edwardian lady9


Almost there. The bodice can be worn without sleeves for the evening or with sleeves for the day.

Finishing touches – a brooch and a huge hat secured with a hat pin.

Edwardian lady10


Let’s not forget the gloves.

And here is a little bonus – the Edwardian hairdo. A simple top knot with 3 pins is perfect for under the hat. Evening version would be more elaborate, of course.

Edwardian lady11


Well done!

Edwardian lady12

Edwardian lady13

(c) Prior Attire

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