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Gentleman avaWe’ve published an article about the lady’s 1840s clothing earlier. And today, let’s have a look at the gentleman’s outfit from the same period. In the end, you will see the couple together. If you’re wondering, what underpinnings men used in the mid-19th century, what style and design their outer garments had, and what accessories complemented their attire, then this article is just for you. We will answer all of these questions and more. Intrigued? Come on in!

Starting with undergarments: knitted socks, a linen shirt, and linen drawers. These layers would be regularly changed and washed.




Trousers next – these could be in cotton or wool and, as the decade progressed, both checks and stripes were becoming fashionable.




The cut was quite close, and braces were used to keep them securely in place.

A variety of neckties and cravats were worn – in patterned or plain cotton or silk. Knots varied too, depending on personal style, the occasion, and ability.




A waistcoat comes next. Different styles were fashionable, single or double breasted, with a shawl collar and welted pockets.




This one is made in silk brocade, with a plain back.

The sizing could be adjusted at the back with lacing, ties, or a buckle.

Next, a frock coat. The 1840s were very much a transitional era for coats, changing from the fancy, nipped-in waist 1830s styles to a more streamlined affair.




This one is made from superfine wool, with silk velvet collar and glazed cotton lining.

And to go out, one needs a topper.




A knitted scarf.




And a pair of shoes.

And he's ready.




And a bit of detail.






The coat is modern but made mostly by hand and using period-specific techniques.




And here’s the 1840s couple together.






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