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Shoes avaMany experts in the 18th- or 19th-century fashion often say the phrase “always boots before corset”. It is a kind of a tacit rule. But we got curious as to how much this rule is confirmed by the experience. Did, for instance, Victorian ladies put shoes on before the corset? And, what is even more important, is it impossible to do vice versa? How much truth is in the often repeated adage “always boots before corset”? Let us find out.

Boots that need lacing or buttoning can be tricky to put on once the corset is in place – but is it impossible?




In the past, a lady had some help from a maid or a member of the family – but, thankfully, nowadays we are more independent.




So is it really impossible to do your boots up on your own, once laced in? Turns out, it depends…




It’s not an easy issue to bend in a corset. “Shoes before corset” is just a question of comfort. Not everybody is naturally bendy. But nothing stops you from putting your shoes with a corset on.

You can use a special tool – a buttonhook to do the buttons on your shoes easily. Sometimes, it really helps.




If you’re not so bendy and it’s hard for you to put your boots on when you’re wearing a corset, you can get on one knee. And there will be no problem with lacing or buttoning your shoes.




If you prefer some comfort, just sit on the sofa, cross your legs so that the ankle is on the other leg’s knee, and do your boots without any discomfort.




In short: not impossible, but it all depends on a number of factors – your flexibility, personal preference, levels of comfort, back injuries, etc.




Verdict: possible for some.

Still, far more comfortable to do so before the corset.

So, simply do what, you feel, works best for you.


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